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24/7 Membership

Physiomed Performance Centre is 3-floors of 24/7 strength and conditioning. From free weights to 10-yrds of turf and sleds, there is no limitation to the training styles and progress our members experience.

Personal & Semi-Private Training

Your Ticket to a Stronger Body

Our expert trainers will create a personalized training program and will provide you with expert guidance.

  • One-on-One and Small Group

  • Easy to follow nutrition programs

  • Personalized fitness programs

  • Exclusive access to nutrition and fitness resources

  • Monthly huddles with your coach to explain the "whats to come" and "why" in the next phase of your fitness and nutrition program

  • And MUCH MORE!


This is the perfect place to start or to get back in the swing of things! What you get:

✅ Meal Plan to eliminate guesswork

✅ Personal Food Prep Instructions that are time saving and effective

✅ Personal Accountability Coach, so it feels like you have a motivational speaker waking you up every morning to get your best self into the gym

✅ 2 Cutting Edge Workouts per week in the functional strength zone that are designed to tone your body, jumpstart your metabolism and give you an energy like you've never had

✅ World-Class Online Support Group with 24hrs accountability

✅ And much much more!

The only thing standing between you and success is consistency.


Expert & Supportive Coaches

You will be guided, encouraged, and pushed to reach your potential by our experienced and science-based coaching approach.

Inclusive Community

Just like Orangeville, the Physiomed community will welcome you like family. You’ll feel valued and apart of the team regardless of your fitness level.

Effective & Enjoyable Fitness

Our private and semi-private training was designed by a team of professional coaches. The program includes a healthy mix of both strength, cardio, and nutrition to have you looking and feeling your very best!

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